Our smart components measure and collect data that enables voltage control and maintains the high reliability of the power grid.


The smart components immediately help with the energy transition and enable a long-lasting sustainable grid.


Our solutions can be quickly deployed in existing networks. This enables us to provide comprehensive scaling of the grid.

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Upgrading the grid with future oriented solutions in order to address the challenge of the prosumer and the eMobility infrastructures wide irruption.

Smart Grid Solutions

German enginerring made in Europe. EBG solutions bring tidiness, aethetic, safety, reliability and durability to the network with an innovative approach and removal of architectural barriers. Because the grid can do much more than just distribute energy.

Smart Grid

Our Smart Grid solutions stabilizes, manages and distributes the power.

Outdoor and Indoor Housing

Ensuring low-voltage power supply to the private consumer, in public places, event sites or within commercial and industrial outdoor sites.

In addition: meter change systems, transformer systems or small transformer systems for indoor applications.

Low-Voltage Switchgear

Low-voltage switchgear typically performs tasks such as opening and closing circuits and carrying the current. In the main circuit, switchgear is responsible for the protection and monitoring of equipment and consumers.



#teammade – the EBG group

We are mainly involved in two sectors: electrical engineering and plastics processing. EBG electro is an expert in the outdoor low-voltage network distribution. EBG eqs is focusing on plant engineering and construction and EBG jung specialises in the low-voltage switchgear equipment. The specialist in the field of plastics technology is EBG plastics.